Just as every person is unique, my one-on-one coaching service is custom-tailored to your specific individual needs and situation. We work together to develop a plan that will help you best reach your goals.


Career Transitions

 “I want to find something that is fulfilling, capitalizes on my strengths, and also affords a good income.

Life Balance

 “I am overwhelmed with all the things on my plate. I want to have a balanced rhythm for my top priorities (business, personal, health, family, and service).


 “Something happened and I have lost a bit of my self-confidence. I want to establish what I am and what I am bringing to the table without feeling like I need to be like everybody else.

Team Performance

 “How do I let go of being directive and get out of the way so my Team can do their best work?


Customized workshops that are interactive and experiential, enabling participants to open up to new possibilities, take risks, and experiment with change.  

Personal Branding

 “What are my strengths and what do I want to be known for?”

Executive Presence

 “I want to show up as a leader by creating an engaging, results driven, balanced, focused, and high performing team. I want to lead from a place of conviction, insight, and well-being.”


 “I want to have people say that they’re ‘better than before’ after working with me.  I want to be more mindful of the ‘who and how’, and not just the ‘what’ that needs to get done.

Group Coaching

Customized group coaching sessions.  Contact me for details.

Clarity – Confidence – Courage

In Career, Leadership, and Life

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