Kathy has been a great sounding board & a guide especially during my transition to a new company & a new culture. Kathy is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas which helped me discover my own path. Her ability to ask the right questions to uncover my core values, has been a guiding light to me as I navigated who I am in my professional & personal journey in the last few years.”

Navrina Singh,

Technology Executive, Microsoft

“Kathy was a huge factor in helping me figure out priorities in my life, both family and career. She listened through the various challenges I was going through and enabled me to dig deeper and look at things from various angles mainly by guiding me to introspect. I am a better leader and a better parent because of the coaching I received from Kathy.

Sangeetha Visweswaran,

Engineering Manager, Microsoft

Partnering with Kathy through transformational coaching was an amazing experience.  Her style radiated compassion while holding me in a sacred space which allowed growth in self-awareness and effective communication with co-workers

Jackie Stoy,

Commercial Property Management

“Kathy asks the right questions to lead me to very solid decisions. She quickly pinpoints the crux of a situation and through her insightful questions does not fail to leave me with new ideas, awareness, or questions to ponder.  I have been better able to look at problems in different ways, helping me to make more meaningful decisions. Kathy’s able to strike a unique balance of careful listening while challenging my existing perspectives and choices.   She has helped me to focus and prioritize what’s important to me staying true to myself. Her coaching was the start of my journey into a making myself a priority for my personal growth and success.  Thank you for being a part of my journey”

Katrina Zuccaro,

Business Support Professional, Microsoft

I did not know what to really expect during my coaching time.  All I knew was the insight would lead my transformation from the inside out which was required, it was time.  Each week was inspiring and enlightening and often times very difficult to identify my inability to truly see my circumstance(s) clearly.  I didn’t know exactly what I needed to prune that week, but knew I was a work in progress and often was surprised and grateful for the new knowledge about myself.  Transformation was required and each week it took courage to listen, identify and own my thoughts about others and myself.  It was all about me, my relationships, my actions, my purpose, my view of myself, how others viewed me, and why and what I do started to make sense.  I found the approach of not having any expectations (except what was in front of me at that time) and to trust the dialogue would lead us through a conversation that would deeply impact the way I saw myself, embrace what others saw in me and step into a place of joy, peace, and love.”

Cathy Wickersham,

Disciple of Christ

Clarity – Confidence – Courage

In Career and Leadership

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