I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Kathy Pearce as my coach to explore some limiting beliefs that were holding me back, and to help shift some of my perspectives in order to move my career and relationships forward. After working with Kathy for 9 months I have learned many techniques which have encouraged me to pause, reflect, and view situations, and others, through a new lense. My awareness has now allowed me to have new perspectives and to unlock, and let go of, many of my limiting beliefs. I make time to celebrate my wins, pause, breathe, set boundaries (honoring them myself). Perhaps the most important change has been in the awareness of my own triggers, recognizing how my core values may feel compromised, and verbalizing this to help others understand where I am coming from. Kathy was instrumental in challenging me in a positive and high-trust environment that allowed me a deeper reflection and clear vision of where I am and what I want to achieve.