Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Meetings


  • Open with a brief introduction and update on how you’re doing.

  • Short collective breathing or mindfulness technique.

  • Split into breakout rooms to connect, discuss, and brainstorm goals and priorities for whatever is most important in your life right now.

  • Send you off with positive energy and emotional support

Workshop limited to 12 participants. In order to allow everyone’s participation during this challenging time, the workshop cost is only $97 per month.  No per session fee – come and go as you need to.

                                            RESERVE YOUR SPOT NOW!  

Send email to with subject “Women’s Workshop”


  • WFH Parent Sanity Zone – Balancing being a successful working mom during the current pandemic situation
  • Work From Home (WFH) Routines – Tips & Tricks
  • Reduce Stress & Anxiety –Bring calm and focus
  • Staying Connected with Family and Friends – Communicate gracefully, especially with those living far away
  • Fear and Anxiety – Shift this into a catalyzing, positive energy for forward movement
  • Remaining your authentic self – Investing in yourself is critical, and what that means for you NOW
  • Control – Focus on the things I can control and ‘let go’ of the things outside of my control
  • Positive Impact – Where, and how, I can lead with this
  • Helping Others & Giving Back – Viable options; where do I choose to make impact?
  • Avoiding the advice trap – How being open and curious vs telling and directing allows you to demonstrate empowering leadership
  • Self-Care – How to put on your own oxygen mask first without feeling selfish!
  • Building Trust in a Virtual Environment – Select, communicate, and proactively initiate the means to ensure swift trust flourishes in the new virtual work environment
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