At a crossroads or need a boost in your career?

Feeling overwhelmed with too many things to do?

Unwilling to compromise who you are?

Lost and desperate to reconnect to your fire and passion?

Ready to grow your career and have more joy?




Women’s Weekly Group Workshop

Join our online group of Women supporting one another through this Pandemic experience.   Connect with other women as we work together to create, support, plan, and take action on whatever is most important in your life right now.

Are you a mid to senior level professional woman, feeling stuck and struggling to find a meaningful and fulfilling career without compromising who you are and what matters most to you? I am a former Microsoft leader who now specializes in helping women find their passion and joy by aligning their life and career goals.


  • Dig deep and discover what is meaningful to you

  • Construct new skills and habits to achieve your goals

  • Unleash your personal power and be the leader in your own life

  • Create breakthroughs to activate unlimited possibility

  • Step into the best version of yourself

When you have the motivation to grow and evolve, I have the expertise to guide you on your journey towards real and lasting change. 

Live your best life with passion and joyful freedom!

I can help –

Some of the results my clients have achieved after coaching with me:

  • Job promotions
  • Desired career move
  • Clarity around values and priorities
  • Better decision making
  • Move past boundaries imposed by others
  • Improve critical relationships
  • Better work-life balance/alignment
  • Question assumptions and shift in perception
  • Better understanding of corporate culture and expectations
  • Reconnect with (or find) internal drive & passion
  • Break through self-imposed limits and beliefs
  • Deepen personal insight
  • Define Skillset & Leverage Strengths
  • Increase Confidence
  • Improve Communication skills
  • Career Growth
  • Build Focus and accountability



Clients who are powerfully stepping into leadership

“If you are looking for a coach, who can help dig deep focusing on what truly is meaningful to you, challenge you in an empowering way and bring out the best version of yourself – Kathy is it!”

Navrina Singh,

CEO & Co-Founder, Credo AI @AI Fund | Past Microsoft, Qualcomm | Young Global Leader @ World Economic Forum | Executive Board Member Mozilla, Microsoft

“Kathy was a huge factor in helping me figure out priorities in my life, both family and career.”

Sangeetha Visweswaran,

Engineering Manager, Microsoft

“Ironically, balance was and is a virtue in my life. Little did I know how off-balance my life was. By coaching with Kathy, I went from the brink of burnout (it would have been the second time in my life) to living in work-life alignment.

Sonia Fenske

Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

Clarity – Confidence – Courage


In Career, Leadership, and Life

Let’s TALK. Schedule a complimentary consultation call with me and we can figure out where you’re headed and how to get you what you need.

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