Life Coaching


  • Feeling stuck in a job you hate
  • Living for vacations and weekends
  • Knowing you want a change, but just not knowing what you want to change to, or where to start
  • Feeling suffocated in your current relationship or job, lacking the freedom, flexibility, and happiness that you really need
  • Successful on the outside but empty on the inside


What you can achieve with the help of a professional coach

  • Find clarity with your own goals which inspire you to achieve what you truly want
  • Create unstoppable confidence and a positive way of thinking in situations that seemed dire or helpless before
  • Develop your own action plan that will lead you to success; one that that inspires you to move towards your goals and priorities now
  • Believe in yourself
  • Learn how to use your own resources to achieve happiness in your life
  • Feel energized, motivated, and inspired
  • Own your life and choose to create your own future

LIFE COACHING can help fill in the gaps in your master plans and clarify the path from where you are to where you want to be. It is a partnership between me, your coach, and you, the client, designed to help you explore your options, focus on your goals, and create a personalized action plan. I do not give you a list of boxes to tick or a strict set of steps to follow, rather I aim to help you discover your own motives and goals, and aid you in finding the best path towards them.


Success and happiness start from the inside. My personal philosophy is that each person is whole, creative, capable, and resourceful. I believe that each person can access his or her unlimited internal resources and connect and tap into external resources of the Universe, God, Goddess, The All that Is (whatever your belief system) in order to achieve your greatest dreams. My goal is to help you find clarity, embrace confidence, and have the courage to walk your own path by creating the right mindset to reach your goal.

Success comes from knowing you did your best to become the best you are capable of being.
– John Wooden

What is the difference between life coaching and therapy?
In life coaching the focus is mainly on your future goals and the state that you would like to achieve. Therapy and counselling focus mainly on past traumas and coping with the difficult experiences and psychological dysfunctions. During coaching, we do work with the past as well – we transform self-limiting beliefs that were formed due to previous negative experience into liberating and inspiring motivations that will help to form new desired behavior.
My goal is to help you create your own definition of what success is for you, and then set your goals and priorities to achieve what you want in life and develop your strengths. As coaches, we don’t want our clients to stay with us for life – we hope that in the matter of several months you are ready to own and create your life the way you want it, and that you know how to use your resources to achieve greatness and happiness!


How does personal development coaching work?
It is all about YOU, the client! The most wonderful coaching sessions happen when a coach creates the sense of ownership in a client – you are the one who sets the goals, you are the one who has the right answers and temporarily cannot see them, and finally you, and only you, are the one who can and will make your life happen! So, what does a coach do? Your personal coach is there for you to help to create the awareness, unblock your hidden potential and break through the self-limiting beliefs. A free consultation will speak for itself better than any words.

Please contact me and see for yourself how the magic of coaching happens. And those “aha moments” do feel very liberating!