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Just as every person is unique, my one-on-one coaching service is custom-tailored to your specific individual needs and situation. We work together to develop a plan that will help you best reach your goals.
In today’s complex and ever-changing workplaces, there are many path’s to success – no longer is it a single pre-determined path like you may have been led to believe. True joy comes from finding deeper meaning, purpose, and fulfillment without compromising who you are and what matters most to you.

If you are ready to define your own success, here’s how we can work together

Career Transitions

Focused on the individual’s career or career development. Onboarding focused, development focused, performance focused, and transition focused. Identify career aspirations and goals, uncover what truly motivates you, and assessments to understand personality and strengths.


Aimed at helping the individual become more confident and improve self-assurance. May be in personal or professional life, and may be situational or not. Self-belief is often at the core of these issues so address fears, discover hidden strengths, build upon successes and understand what truly motivates you.

Executive Presence

Focused on developing senior managers, directors, and key players within an organization. Provides time and space for senior leaders to reflect on their performance in their role with the aim of enhancing their personal impact. Explore strengths, challenges, motivation, confidence and performance. Gain deeper awareness, challenge thinking, support the individual in stretching themselves beyond their current level of performance.


Aimed at helping leader, and evolving leaders, to improve their leadership capabilities, develop their skills and competencies, and maximize leadership presence and potential. Personal development, better decision-making, raise confidence, improve relationships, lead the team or manage time more effectively. Impartial sounding board to talk through most pressing issues, explore new ideas, draw conclusions, and commit to action.

Personal Branding

Helps you tell the story of “YOU”.  Focused on your strengths, your legacy.  You are your brand, no matter what your current job is, what project you happen to be working on at any given time or whatever priority happens to be today.  Your personal brand reflects the impact you leave on others and remember all we have is our own reputation and that’s our brand.

What are the keywords and actions that you want to be known for?  Your personal brand will forever be evolving.

Voice Dialogue

Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in two different directions, and you can’t make a choice? Voice Dialogue is a process that helps us understand the different parts of ourselves (our subpersonalities). This work helps us develop awareness and self-compassion. It can also lead to profound spiritual breakthroughs as we transcend the ego and discover our True Self.  Voice Dialogue provides a path to conscious freedom, creative options, and life fulfillment. By incorporating this with professional coaching, practitioners support their clients to experience sustaining behavior change that results in a higher quality of life.

Work-Life Balance Alignment

Identify and achieve personal goals balanced with organizational goals. A holistic approach is taken, recognizing that one area of your life impacts upon another so addressing personal areas such as relationships or spirituality can in turn lead to improvement in your health and achievement of your career goals. Assess current satisfaction in different areas of your life, explore what you want to achieve, what your current strengths are and help you formulate a strategy for development.

Some of the results my clients have achieved after coaching with me:

  • Building Trust
  • Greater Impact and Influence
  • Health and Wellness
  • Mindset, Anxiety & Stress Management
  • Revive & Recconnect to Your Passion
  • Self-Awareness & Emotional Intelligence
  • Time Management
  • Improved Performance

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Corporate Teams & Group Services

Half Day or Full Day Team Building Workshops

Dynamic organizations and high-performing teams don’t happen by accident. They are deliberately nurtured by leaders who understand the role a healthy culture plays in driving innovation, engagement and, ultimately, bottom line results.

Whether you are looking to foster improved collaboration, communication, leadership development or diversity and inclusion in practices, I can help. I work with you to customize a program that can be as simple as a lunch and learn overview of best practices on an individual topic, a half- or full-day team building offsite, or a combination of workshops and one-on-one coaching (4 hours to 2 days).