Moments to Remember

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about moments in my life. I’ve been remembering and reconnecting with so many fun and exciting moments from my life that have brought me joy and happiness. I’ve also been remembering moments that haven’t been my best – where I felt like I’d failed or where I was feeling hurt, pain, fear, and even loss. The one thing that stands out for me though is that no matter the moments and the feelings, I’m really so grateful for it all. Because if I weren’t having these memorable moments, I wouldn’t really be living a full life. To me it seems far worse to go through life avoiding moments and their feelings – good or bad. Let’s face it – life, in all its glory, is messy! Who doesn’t want to have a life filled with joy, love, fun, excitement, and security? The only way to recognize these feelings is because of having felt the opposite. So how do you know when you’re happy? For me, it’s because I’ve experienced unhappiness and sadness. How do you know that you’re loved? For me, it’s because I’ve felt unloved, left out, alone and lonely. I made a decision a long time ago that for me, it’s important to choose to seek out new experiences and memorable moments. It’s so significant to me, that I capture these moments through small mementos. It might be a movie ticket, a note, a dried flower, or a picture. All of these ‘treasures’ I still accumulate and keep stored in my ‘heart box’. Well it’s really a box that is heart shaped and covered in beautiful paper, filled with hearts. And truthfully, after all these years of collecting mementos for my ‘heart box’, there is more than one box. It’s a tangible reminder for me of all those times in my life that I created and experienced all these memorable moments. I want to infuse my life with these moments, these feelings, and live my life as fully as possible. Does it come with a cost? Sure, there’s no denying it. And it’s absolutely worth it! Not long ago I was having a conversation with someone who said to me that he never wanted to be too old to seek out memorable moments. He’s noticed that some people as they get older, seem to stop creating memorable moments for themselves – they simply let it fade away. For me, that’s completely unacceptable!  I will never be too old to quit choosing to infuse my life with new experiences, new moments, new memories. Because to me that’s when I am no longer living, instead simply existing. How about you? What do you do to choose, create, and experience your own memorable moments? Memorable Moments. How do you create them, experience them, and infuse them into your life?