With all the overwhelm and stress, here are a few tips for some quick stress relief. It doesn’t have to take long, and it is important to give ourselves permission to decompress before moving on to the next thing on our list. What can you do to lighten your load? 

  1. PAUSE – take a few minutes and stop what you’re doing to help your mind slow down, reset, and recharge. 
  2. BREATHE – take 2-3 minutes to do some deep breathing. Breathe in while counting to 6, hold for 2 counts, and breathe out for 6 counts. Repeat for 3–5 breaths. 
  3. MEDITATE – use Positive Intelligence (PQ) reps or a favorite meditation, or find a 1-5 minute guided meditation app on your computer or phone.  
  4. GRATITUDE – turn your attention to gratitude. List 5 things you are grateful for today to shift your focus. 
  5. BREAK – take a few minutes for a break. Get up from your desk, go get some lunch, take out a pad and doodle, make a cup of tea and slowly drink it, stretch or take a short walk.  
  6. MUSIC – music calms the mind, the soul and the body. Listen to a favorite song, and you might even choose to hum (or sing) along. 
  7. VISUALIZE – take a few minutes to close your eyes, and imagine your ‘happy place’ and see yourself there.