Wow, it’s my 3-year business anniversary!! 🎉

Three years ago I resigned from my corporate gig, I applied for my business license and created a website, formally establishing my new Coaching business Kathy Pearce Coaching! I took that leap of faith, it’s been a wild ride, and I’m so grateful to be on this journey! I had been coaching other tech professionals for the past 3 years while at Microsoft, and I was running on empty – trying to do both my day job and coaching my clients. Sound familiar?

More importantly, I realized that I simply wasn’t living my own values or priorities. I was compromising who I was and what mattered most to me. It was time for me to plan my work around my life, rather than living my life around my work. So I resigned. Although I’d been coaching for 3 years, I started my business with very little knowledge about how to run a Coaching business.

I was blessed to continue coaching with my existing clients, adding some additional colleagues and friends that they referred to me. I began connecting with people on LinkedIn and sharing what I had learned, and my point of view, on leadership, success, selfcare, wellbeing, mindfulness, positivity and mental fitness. My business continued to grow. And blessings of blessings – during Covid, my business actually increased!   

I experienced business growth in ways I never could have imagined:

  • At a client’s request, I  began a virtual women’s group which has now been successfully meeting for 2 years (Clarity, Authenticity, & Connection Call for Professional Women)
  • I am incorporating mental fitness coaching through Positive Intelligence
  • I provide fun, informative, and interactive virtual corporate workshops for groups & teams
  • I began offering even more customized coaching programs for my coaching clients  

So 3 years in and I’ve been so incredibly fortunate to partner with a broad range of companies – from Fortune 500 to small organizations around the world – to help impact their culture, and provide support through executive, leadership, wellbeing, teaming, and mental fitness coaching.

I’ve been able to also continue to expand and grow personally and professionally:   

❇️ I’m in the process of completing my next certification as a Positive Intelligence Coach 

❇️ My revenue increased over last year by 335%!! 

❇️ I have been able to expand my team which now includes my online business manager, virtual assistant(s), tax & financial consultant, and with my husband’s early retirement from his corporate gig this month, he is now joining my team as an operations analyst! 😊

It’s been 3 years filled with success, challenge, surprise, shifts and opportunity. My deepest thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me throughout my training, my certifications, and my transition to entrepreneurship 3 years ago. Special thanks to all the truly amazing and wonderful clients with which I’ve had the honor to partner on your coaching journey. None of this would have been possible without your ongoing support.

And for those of you out there who are new to your own entrepreneurship journey, or even just considering it, I encourage you to push through your fear and take that leap of faith. It’s well worth it!!

“Leap and the net will appear”