I am celebrating a few things!

I’m celebrating that I’ve completed my PQ Mastery Circle.

I’m celebrating that I’ve received significant value and generated an amazing personal transformation.

For me the word transformation means a change in form or character, like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

It’s how I’m experiencing my life around me.

For me I feel that transformation is in my DNA – it’s endless possibilities and perspectives and I’m celebrating that.

I’m celebrating that I’m deepening my learnings and growth.

I’m celebrating that I have renewed my commitment to be the Poster Child for self-care!

I’m celebrating that with this courage, trust, and safety, I am healing.

I’m celebrating that I am passing this on to others, now and throughout my lifetime.

I’m celebrating that we are all a part of the whole, the entirety!

I’m celebrating that each one of us is like the Buddha statue found by the Burmese army hundreds of years ago when they invaded Thailand. It appeared to be made of plaster, and yet underneath that plaster it was a pure Golden statue.

I celebrate that each one of us is like that Golden Statue.

We may have some plaster on the outside, and yet underneath, we are each one a unique golden one.

This is who you are – your true self – your Sage. All you need to do is keep remembering the golden being you are.

You do not need to transform the golden being. You just need to remember it is you!

I’m celebrating that it’s the remembering that this being is perfectly you, and that no matter what you are feeling right now, you can shift to your golden Sage being.