Wow, it’s hard to believe it’s already December! Where did this year go? I feel like it’s gone by in a flash…how about you?

I am usually very organized and have my lists of what all needs to be done each month leading up to the holidays. This year, I haven’t really followed that same process.

Instead, I’ve intentionally chosen to simplify my life.

In doing so, I’ve set some boundaries…
I’ve said no to more things…
and said yes to those things that truly matter to me.

I ask myself, in 2 or 3 years, what will matter the most to me?
And those are the things that I’m saying yes to.

As I think about the things that matter to me, I’m realizing that it’s important to me to generate positive results now and for the future.

I’m realizing that whatever is going on in my life, I am the co-designer.

Whenever I feel stuck, I have a choice to make.
Things won’t move for me until after I make my choice and start taking action.

In my relationships with others, I’m not in charge of what the other person brings, only what I bring.

With this guiding me, I’m asking myself these questions and invite you to also consider:

What am I working on to complete by the end of 2022?
What am I envisioning for 2023?
What’s most important to me?
Where am I finding support and help?

Success happens one step at a time, and the most impactful success happens with others.

When I take 100% responsibility, live in choice, and accept reality, I can live in freedom and joy while offering the same thing to those I encounter.