An abundance mindset is knowing that there is enough to go around for everyone. Those with an abundance mindset tend to move forward in life with fulfillment and confidence in what they have and what they’re capable of having because they believe in the power to create what they want.

When people work toward developing an abundance mindset, they become empowered and see everything as an opportunity instead of a challenge or defeat.

The opposite of an abundance mindset is a scarcity mindset. Someone with a scarcity mindset sees the world in terms of what is lacking. Those with this mindset lead with fear, or a view that nothing is ever enough, and never will be enough. They often shy away from anything that doesn’t feel realistic or doable.

Someone with an abundance mindset approaches difficulty by learning what skills they need to develop to make their desires a reality and then moving forward to learn those skills.

How can you develop an abundance mindset?

Here are three simple ways you can start practicing an abundance mindset:

  1. Get curious. Make your first response one of curiosity. Think: How can I make that happen? What can I change or alter to give us the results we desire?
  2. Surround yourself with abundance-minded influence. If you are around only those with a scarcity mindset, you will be influenced. Therefore, be intentional about making sure you are around those with the mindset you are trying to develop. When you face difficult times, you will have them around you encouraging you and pushing you — instead of feeding your fears.
  3. Shift your perspective. Whenever possible, flip your perspective around when it’s not serving you. Challenges are opportunities. Change is an adventure. Failure is growth and learning.