Many of my clients shared that they feel worn down, at a breaking point, and just want to get back to being happy again. 😃⬅️
More than 1 year into the pandemic, this indicates that their resilience is being tested, challenged, and stretched to its limit. ⚠️
Losing that ability to bounce back and quickly recover causes additional stress, anxiety, and if it continues, burnout. 🥵

What practices or tools 🛠 do you use to maintain your own resilience, especially now⁉️

     For me, it’s all about my SELF-CARE FOCUS.
Taking daily walks 🏃‍♀️,
enjoying the beauty around me 🌷,
playing with my doggies 🐶,
stretching & yoga 🧘‍♀️,
setting aside time for prayer & meditation 🙏,
continuing self-improvement through online learning/webinars/reading 📖
and healthy eating 🥦.
All of this to fuel my mind, body, and spirit – and most of all to be able to remain resilient!

I’m bringing this message of ‘Cultivating Resilience through Self-Care’ to everyone I can because it matters now more than ever‼️ I’m honored to be presenting a workshop series on this at Microsoft. If you’d like some support around this too, reach out to me.