Have you thought about the quality of your thoughts lately?

Are they maybe influenced by your emotions?

When we think of our emotions, we have to consider, are they positive or negative?

If they are negative, how have they affected the quality of your thoughts?
How do they affect your day-to-day life, your productivity and your quality of life?

     Remember, there aren’t good or bad emotions, emotions are reactions to an external trigger. They simply communicate to us how we are reacting to the world around us and this can be a good indication of whether something needs fixing. As you do this audit of your mindset, thought quality and emotions, think about what has caused the root emotion.

     If you have “negative” emotions towards an event or situation, find a way that you can modify or take yourself out of it. Your thoughts and emotions can colour your reality. So, once you take this more active approach, you will find that you will start having more positive than negative triggers in your life. This will hopefully lead to a more positive mindset that will lead to more positive outcomes in your life, like being more productive and having a positive quality of life.