We can strengthen our resilience in many ways (think self-care!) and sleep provides a reserve of emotional and physical strength that we can call upon to build resilience and be prepared for whatever life offers.

Sleeping well prepares me for the day and gives me the strength and resilience to accept situations, lean into adversity, and move forward. I’ve found that after a great night’s sleep, challenges seem more manageable and I have the clarity to make good decisions.

Prioritizing sleep gives me what I need to get through the day (and life) in a natural and healthy way. It also gives me the strength to continue making healthy choices – such as sticking to my healthy eating plan (I always feel hungry whenever I don’t get enough sleep), getting my walk or yoga in (I have more energy when I get good rest), and even prioritizing my relationships (since I have more patience when rested).

Well-being is paramount for me! In the face of constant challenges, I’m able to respond, adapt, and find creative solutions when I prioritize getting a quality night’s sleep.

Some other suggestions for increasing resilience and generally finding fulfillment and joy include being exposed to sunlight first thing in the morning, building quiet time into your day, finding time for reflection and gratitude, feeding your soul through your faith, being curious and discovering new ways of looking at things (new perspectives), spending time in nature, appreciating beauty, moving your body, and making time for prayer, affirmations, or meditations.

As we become more resilient, leaning into adversity to get through challenges faster and with clear growth, we will make a difference in our own lives, in the lives of others, and in the world.