Boost your mental fitness!

     Create and surround yourself with positive mental images or visualizations of success. Use positive self-talk to empower yourself and shift from responding to life’s challenges with a negative, to a positive, mindset. The phrases and words we choose should be those that can propel us toward our goals. These mental images create visual pictures of ourselves doing exactly what we say we want to do, and they create imprints in our minds. Fundamentally, they tie our beliefs and values to our actions.

     Take a few minutes to visualize yourself doing the things you want. Focus on the feelings you want to have at the end of an activity or experience. Let your thoughts linger on these images until the emotions become real for you. Practice these visualizations daily. They are useful in your fitness program, for your courageous conversations, on a work project, etc. Use these visualization exercises to create a yearly vision board.

     A vision board is an excellent way to help you identify, define, and clarify what you really want in your life. Focus on goals and empower yourself to create the life you imagine through the identification of goals.  And remember, the purpose of these boards is to help you generate a new plan, develop different outlooks, and formulate alternatives.

     You will learn how to celebrate yourself, your wins and successes. If you have not celebrated your birthday, consider starting to do so – begin now. Celebrations of life get to be whatever you decide is right for you. Birthdays will come every year, like it or not. You get the gift of deciding what your birthday can mean to you, and how you choose to celebrate it.

When you are ready to begin building your self-confidence, boosting your ability to respond to life’s challenges with a positive rather than a negative mindset, reach out to me. I’d be honored to partner with you on this journey.