What seeds will you plant for yourself that will expand your learning, growth, and professionalism?

What is your defined life where your daily actions lead you down the path to your most authentic self?

Don’t waste another day. Start growing now.

Right now, many of us, in one way or another, are going through transition, a letting go. Whether it be of beliefs, ideas, hopes and dreams or something more tangible like health, relationship, job or home, etc.

Whatever the loss, it can feel scary and what can make it even more frightening is not knowing where or what we are transitioning to. So there is a feeling of free falling with nothing to hold on to.

Perfect time for a coach, yes? And of course the best thing we can do is to continue doing our own inner work so that we can find the best way through these times and lead by example.

My mantra nowadays is asking myself “who am I being” and “what is it that I’m modeling”?