According to John Maxwell, you must be willing to pay the price of leadership if you want the perks of leadership.

One of my coaching clients said to me this week, “Recognizing that I’m the senior member of the team, the leader, has changed my mindset. I should be speaking more – not be the one talking – but be the one giving insight and wisdom and providing vision and clarity wherever I can to my team.”

Nobody ever said that being a leader was easy. It’s very simple to dictate orders and dismiss someone if they are not performing.

It takes work to coach, mentor, inspire, and motivate your team to perform at their optimum level. That’s the fundamental difference between a leader and a manager.

As a leader, create a culture where your people are inspired to create great ideas, where the dreamers are encouraged to dream big dreams.

Live your purpose by serving others; continually inspire your team to become the very best version of themselves because ultimately, it will lift the organization to a higher level of performance.