Have you ever had the experience of having your life in danger? Or being in great pain or misery?

And thinking about how if you survive, you’d be so grateful for your life that you’d make every minute count?

Then sure enough, when the crisis passes you do feel greater joy and appreciation of every moment, but that heightened appreciation typically passes.

It gives way to taking so much of life for granted and being on autopilot most of the time.

Let’s not wait for the crisis of life to create that appreciation. You are capable of deep appreciation of every minute of every day. Today!

So let’s look at every hour with fresh eyes. Feel how good it is to be alive, and to have the privilege of living your life.

Regardless of whatever activity you’re doing at any given hour, notice what you can appreciate about that activity.

Lift the veil of autopilot and be awake and fully present for that activity and all that can be interesting about it.

Ask yourself if you had just come into this activity fresh from a health or life crisis, or another crisis that had just ended, how would you participate in that activity? What would you appreciate about it?

Bring that aliveness and fresh appreciation of life into every hour today. Notice how this is a choice you can always make every hour of every day that you have this precious thing called life.