Anyone who has engaged in a self-discovery process knows that to experience a deep and lasting quality of life, it is important that you source your perspective on life from the ‘inside-out’ – from your authentic self. Many of us are living from the ‘outside-in’ as we move through our daily lives; from our earliest years, this is the perspective we’re conditioned to accept as the way life is.

‘Outside-in’ can mean that we make most of our life choices based solely on the input or expectations of others, or we behave unconsciously through unquestioned habits.

‘Outside-in’ can pressure us to be someone, or something, we’re not, to fit in, or belong. We may have become conditioned to ignore our inner whisperings that there could be another way – a different way – to live our life.

Once you access your true Authentic Self and you encounter a challenging relationship or situation, you can see choices and possibilities instead of reacting as a victim to the situation.

It liberates you from being unconsciously influenced by limiting beliefs or attitudes, your own or those of others; you expand your flexibility and resiliency in the face of life’s challenges.