As we say goodbye to January and prepare to step into the rest of this new and exciting 2022, we have the opportunity to evaluate who we are and what matters most to us. Yes, this last year was filled with uncertainty and challenge – some of the most challenging times in recent memory – and we know that more challenges lie ahead. Yet, each day is also a gift and is full of great opportunities, invisible goodness, and abundant blessings.

     As we move into this new chapter, realize that we are all capable of greater things than we realize! Fill your thoughts with abundance, prosperity, thoughts of the best of everything. Surround yourself with positive thought, faith, and a specifically sharp goal or life priority – holding it until it sinks into your unconscious.

     These positive thoughts will take obstacles or difficulties that arise, turning them into creative opportunities and advantages. When you feel anxious, inadequate, or unsure, remind yourself that there is power within you – and that there are so many more gifts awaiting you. My hope is that once you read this it will inspire you and open your mind to the possibilities available NOW!

     Don’t wait for a new year or a new week – instead step forward into your best self each and every day by opening your heart and choosing what matters the most to you. Make the time to do things that bring you joy, and allow yourself to spend your precious time with those who are most important to you – even if it has to be virtually right now. Here’s wishing you peace, joy, radiant health, happiness and love.