Mental fitness is your state of mental wellbeing — it represents your ability to make decisions, your awareness, and how you respond to life’s challenges.

You can better navigate change, stress, and conflict when you’re mentally fit. As a Certified Positive Intelligence® (PQ) Coach, I can help you unlock your potential for optimal mental fitness.

✔️ Discover effective strategies to manage stress, improve focus, and cultivate resilience.
✔️ Benefit from a supportive partnership that offers accountability, motivation, and valuable insights.
✔️ Go deeper faster and ensure you optimize mental fitness in the areas you desire to improve.

If you want to improve your team or your organization’s mental fitness, as a Certified PQ Coach, I can help with that, too. Investing in your team’s mental fitness is an investment in their overall wellbeing and the collective performance of the organization.

Strengthening mental muscles leads to lasting change for PQ Program participants: 

  • 98% experience EQ growth
  • 97% improve their empathy competency
  • 90% improve their adaptability competency
  • 86% improve their initiative competency
  • 84% improve their conflict management competency

Not only do you deserve to achieve your full potential as an individual, but you deserve to be part of a team that is positive, energized, and engaged — every day!

Ready to accelerate your mental fitness?  Reach out to me