Life is hectic and stressful.

You’ve got professional and personal obligations, plus hobbies you care about and dreams you’re pursuing. It’s no wonder you feel overwhelmed sometimes.

But you might wonder, is everyone else feeling the same way? You could be experiencing negative thoughts, self-doubt, and poor well-being, which might make you wonder, “Why am I easily overwhelmed?”

Don’t worry — it’s not just you. Approximately 73% of Americans say stress affects their mental health. But by learning what causes you to feel overwhelmed, the consequences, and how to deal with it, you can take control back.

We all know that chronic stress isn’t good for us, but studies actually show that a negative perception of stress can be more harmful than the stress itself. It’s time to rethink stress.

Turns out, stress isn’t all bad.
It can help us stay safe, build resilience, and stay connected to what matters.

So, how can we befriend stress, and learn to stress smarter?

➡️Calm Your Heart With Deeper Breaths
➡️Challenge Your Negative Thoughts
➡️Use Guided Breathing to Release Tension
➡️Distance Yourself From Anxious Thoughts
➡️Replace Self-Criticism with Self-Compassion
➡️Create Emotional Safety
➡️Process and Move Past Negativity
➡️Face Difficult Emotions
➡️Clarify Your Feelings Through Writing
➡️Strengthen Your Mental Fitness
➡️Boost Your Resilience

To Keep in Mind
Remember: When you focus on the present, the future feels less intimidating.
Reflect: Instead of stressing about stress, how can you support yourself to make a shift?
Reframe: “I am stressed” → “I feel stressed” (stress is a feeling, not a personality trait).
Reset: If it feels too hard to relax your mind, try relaxing your body instead.

This is a very insightful BetterUp article, and I hope that you find value in it.

Why Am I Easily Overwhelmed? Causes and What to Do About It

Remember that we all experience stress, even during the Summer. You have many tools & techniques to help you manage overwhelm and stress so that you can truly enjoy your Summer. And if you want some additional support, please reach out to me. I’m here for you.