“I want to be better tomorrow than I am today.”

This particular philosophy is one I can really get behind. So many of us fall into that trap of striving to be ‘better than”…pretty much everybody else! Think about it…we want to not only keep up with the Jones’, we want to be better than they are.

We want to be better than our peers, our colleagues, our neighbors, our teachers, our mentors, our brothers, our sisters, better than our parents. Let’s face it, even our employers compensation systems are geared towards rewarding those who are ‘better than everybody else’, so it’s only natural that we feel so competitive and continue to strive to be ‘better than’ – even if it doesn’t feel right.

What if, rather than competing with everyone else in the world, we explore how we can be better than ourselves? Afterall, who can we control? Only ourselves.

What if the new definition of success is to be better today than I was yesterday?

What would that look like? How might that affect how you judge other people, where you invest your time, how you show up for others, and how to step forward in achieving your goals?

How might that change your actual goals?

I’ll give you an example. Now that I own my own business, my compensation is totally influenced by me being better today than I was yesterday – a better person and a better coach. It’s not about me being a better coach than any other coach.

There is no competitive edge here since there are as many coaching styles as there are coaches, and each one has amazing talents to bring to clients. In fact, I partner with other coaches in varying ways and it’s not about me being ‘better than’ them. Rather, it is about partnering and sharing our best selves. My business truly is about me – me being better tomorrow than I am today.