Within neuroscience we are strongly encouraged to cultivate the ability to have fun and play.

This approach to life has been shown to promote neurogenesis that helps to keep the brain younger for longer. However, we do make a distinction between play and fun, because a person having fun is not following any rules and has the freedom to do the things they enjoy. A personal playing a game or trying out a new coaching exercise can still have fun, but they will be following a set of rules and will, therefore, have some boundaries in which to operate.

So the idea of adding creativity into coaching is to be open to try new things and tap into the inner child so you are free to escape the real-world and explore a creative space together.

Tools to develop creativity

When adding creativity into coaching or developing our creativity, we normally need to prioritize the experience over the tangible results. The absence of a goal can sometimes be an essential condition, any may feel a little alien. Above all this is about simply having the experience, finding the fun in life or taking the time out so you can marvel at the unexpected. A person who truly cultivates their creativity, even in small doses will:

Be more open, joyful, and optimistic
Find it easier to adapt when faced with a change
Grow confidence in their ability to find a solution

Being open to new experiences will involve having a high degree of openness when it comes to concepts, beliefs, perceptions, and assumptions. It helps us tolerate ambiguity and involves being able to accept a lot of conflicting information without the need to ultimately close down the experience. This complete openness to be in the moment, and experience what is happening right now, will undoubtedly be one of the conditions if you want to gain access through creativity.

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