This article about the effects of burnout really hit home. I’ve been working with quite a few companies on this topic, and one of my most popular workshops is ‘Cultivating Resilience through Self-Care…It Matters Now More than Ever!’ The session offers some sobering statistics about US adults during the pandemic, and also addresses the differences between stress and its relationship to burnout, along with many strategies to break the stress cycle. (Hint: chronic stress absolutely leads to burnout!) In a recent workshop, one of the biggest complaints was around the perception that it’s necessary to be online and responding to your manager and team 24/7 – and just how much this one issue is contributing to the individual’s stress! A simple strategy put forth was to empower each individual to create boundaries between work and personal time – and to communicate this to the manager and team. Recognizing that we all have different workstyles was critical. Supporting each person in their own unique needs is empowering for employees and immediately reduces much of their stress. Communicating this to both leaders and their teams was met with great acceptance and directly impacted the team culture in a very positive way.