With so many people struggling with burnout or finding it challenging to find balance and/or happiness at work, empathy can be a powerful antidote and contribute to positive experiences for individuals and teams. Take a look at this powerful article supporting that far from a soft approach, empathy can drive significant business results. This article cites several research studies that show the benefits to employee and employer when empathy is shown in the work place, including improvements in innovation, engagement, retention, inclusivity and work life.

Yet for many leaders, access to empathy at work is blocked by a cast of saboteurs leading you to believe that empathy is weak, or condoning of poor performance. Not to mention that you have to actually have empathy for yourself before you can extend it to others.

I am curious to know how empathy shows up (or not) in your work life. Have you had the benefit of working with, or for, an inspiring leader who demonstrates this skill? How do you demonstrate empathy at work?

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