What we say and how we say it impacts our own experience and the experience we have of other people in our life.

One of the things many people struggle with is self-confidence. It might be a lifelong issue or it might be situational – something specific happened that has now caused a bit of doubt and a lack of self-confidence.

No matter the reason, the secret of self-confidence hinges on the kind of thoughts you think. Your own internal self-talk is critical since it either builds you up or tears you down.

Words convey underlying messages to our subconscious mind evoking physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual meaning. In the long run, your subconscious will send up exactly what you send down to it.

Take charge of your mind and begin to fill it with healthy thoughts. Your thoughts become your beliefs, and your beliefs create your reality. Choose empowering self-talk and it will fill you with confidence and courage.

When we’re in the midst of a fog and can’t see the shoreline, we need a compass. Reach out to a trusted friend or adviser for perspective. We’re not hardwired to go it alone. We need others to survive and thrive.