We all have an inner critic that loves to remind us of our deepest insecurities. Maybe you can hear the voices echoing things like “You’re never going to get it right” or “Why even bother trying?”

Those demoralizing thoughts from our inner critic can severely stunt our potential if we choose to listen to them. But here’s the truth – those negative thoughts have no real power over you unless you choose to believe them and allow them to hijack your mindset.

You have the power to reframe negative self-talk by making the conscious choice to respond with positive affirmations instead. It’s not as easy as flipping a switch, but developing this mindset muscle through practice can be absolutely transformational.

The next time you hear the critical voice planting seeds of doubt, stop yourself. Notice that thought, but don’t engage with it. Instead, reframe it with an empowering affirmation like:

“I have the strength to keep going.”
“I’m moving forward one small step at a time.”
“My brilliance and resilience will shine through.”

Responding to negative thoughts this way is more than just putting a positive spin on things. You’re consciously reprogramming your mind from a place of limitation and lack to one of opportunity and abundance.

Does it feel difficult or even impossible at first? Absolutely. Our brains are wired to scan for and hone in on negative thoughts. But that’s even more reason to strengthen the muscle of positive self-talk.

With consistent practice, you begin to build unshakable self-belief. You rewire the inner dialogue to one of encouragement rather than criticism. And in doing so, you cultivate the resilience and confidence to bounce back from setbacks.

Because setbacks and obstacles will always arise on the path to growth. The transformative choice is whether you’ll let those challenges take you out or propel you forward with even more determination.

The women and men who achieve their biggest visions aren’t immune to negative thoughts. They just don’t choose to embrace and reinforce them. Instead, they make the empowering choice, each and every day, to believe in themselves and trust their brilliance.

That’s the choice in front of you as well. Do you want to keep listening to the critic holding you back? Or will you reframe that inner voice with the positive affirmations of someone worthy of your biggest dreams?

Make the choice to believe in yourself fully. Invest in building the mindset that no setback or negative voice can shake. That’s how you transform your life from the inside out.