Do you avoid dealing with conflicts as they arise?

What kind of impact does this have on your personal and professional relationships?

👉 Instead of having an open conversation with the other person, you just pretend that you don’t really care when you actually do.

👉 Or you might just give in to the other person, so you don’t have to deal with the conflict.

👉 Or recognize that there is a conflict and just procrastinate in dealing with it.

Think of it this way; conflicts are a little like a weed in your garden.

If you don’t pull it out by dealing with it, it will get bigger & bigger and harder & harder to deal with it.

So the sooner you do deal with it, the better it is.

Instead of avoiding that conflict, ask yourself, “what is one thing I’ve been avoiding here that impacts this relationship and that I’m willing to take action on today”?

And don’t judge yourself for picking something small instead of the biggest thing you could think of.

These small victories build up mental muscle and momentum over time.

So commit yourself to one thing, however small, to counter the negative impact of avoidance on your relationship.