Did you know your brain processes imagined fear, stress and anxiety as though it were real? When you think about a fearful or stressful situation you may notice that your heart starts to beat faster, or maybe your face gets flushed, or your hands get clammy. What this means is you can also affect your brain processing by imagining genuine joy, compassion, and kindness.

Simply thinking about laughing with your friends, or acknowledging the difference that you’re making, or celebrating a win, can balance your heart rate & nervous system as wells as foster creativity, collaboration and an honoring of differences. If you are interested in learning tools & techniques that affect your brain’s processing, join me for my next 8-Week Positive Intelligence (PQ) Program. It starts on June 28, and there are only 3 spots left!

Introducing Positive Intelligence (PQ) – Kathy Pearce Coaching