It could be said that all coaching is mindset coaching. Coaching is about helping people to get from where they are now to where they want to be. Coaching is about working with people to set and achieve their goals by:

a) Helping them to get clear about what they truly want
b) Reviewing where they are now and what they’ve tried so far
c) Coming up with and discussing options for action
d) Agreeing to a plan to make it happen

Where mindset coaching differs, is that in addition to the four steps above, a mindset coach works with clients to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits and patterns of thinking that prevent them from living the life or creating the business they desire. Taking these insights into what makes their client tick, a Mindset Coach uses a range of reprogramming techniques to banish those blocks and replace them with ones that serve the client. By working with mindset in this way, the coach paves the way for faster results, greater transformation and lasting success. A Mindset Coach also helps people build confidence about who they are, create healthy boundaries, and attract the love and respect they deserve. They’re often experts in developing confidence, empowerment, and moving past limiting beliefs.

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