Here is an exercise to help you face what isn’t working and take action now to turn things in the right direction.

Start by making a list of “What’s Not Working”, for each of the following areas of your life:

Career or Business
Free time/Family time
Health and Appearance
Your Environment
Personal Growth
Contribution/Making a Difference

Next, for each item on your list, answer the following questions:

How can I improve it?
What requests can I make?
What do I need to do?
What action will I take, and by when?

Choose one action you will take this week and do it.

Then decide on the next action.

Keep on taking action, until you have changed your situation and resolved what’s not working.

I see this as an opportunity for ongoing life development.

For me, in doing this exercise I was able to identify at least 3 things in each category that are not working for me.

So, it’s okay to not have it all perfect yet!

I am committed to completing this exercise for myself and my business, and I am continuing to set aside time to address the challenges and opportunities facing me and taking action.

P.S. Sometimes you have to push yourself, so I hope you enjoy this video which illustrates just that.