Everyday you make choices. Even not making a choice IS making a choice. You can create options to maximize your inner peace, serenity, your health, and your sense of self-worth with each decision you make. For example, one of my client’s goals right now is to get back to being the ‘positive person’ he ‘used to be’. He shared that living through this pandemic has really affected his emotions; where he once felt he lived life from a positive perspective, he now feels his ‘go to’ is to be cranky, mean, unhappy and he’s having a hard time bouncing back to that ‘positive person’. We talked about how his internal judge is pushing him through negative emotions; disappointment, blame, shame, guilt and fear. It is his CHOICE to use the PQ tools we’ve been working on to help him shift to his sage and to pull of positive emotions; empathy, encouragement, curiosity, creativity, passion, purpose, etc. What about you? Where in your life could you use some help in shifting from the negative (judge) to the positive (sage) perspective?