“Why do these kinds of people keep showing up in my life?!?!” 🤨 Have you ever asked yourself this question? I am honored and privileged to witness the beautiful learning and growth of one of my clients as she embraces a positive perspective in dealing with some very challenging people in her life. Her epiphany? She is now seeing these relationships as a tug-of-war and she is choosing to set down the rope!

     She now sees the person who tests her patience with ‘attitude’ as her teacher, to help her learn empathy and patience. She sees that the controlling person is there to help her step into the power of her positive emotions and perspectives, and not allow herself to be controlled. She sees the critical person as being there to teach her how to weaken her own judge, so it won’t constantly get activated by another individual. She now recognizes that every single difficult person she runs into is her teacher – that is if she allows them to be – by turning the situation into a gift of learning and growing!