Today, let’s focus on being a little happier.

First, let’s explore what being happy means. If you ask me, “Have you been happy in the past hour?” I’ll look at the emotions of my experiences.

If I have been feeling mostly positive emotions (like peace, gratitude, empathy, love, curiosity, excitement, creativity, joy…) I will say I’ve been happy.

So, we’re kind of broadening our interpretation of happiness. Happiness is feeling positive emotions.

Using this perspective, ask yourself what events or circumstances of your work or life are making you feel unhappy today – meaning causing you negative emotions?

Now consider that to be happier today, you can try this – anytime you feel any negative emotions that make you unhappy about anything at all, ask yourself, “What is the voice in my head saying to make me feel unhappy?”

Then firmly and confidently call that voice a liar! And let it go.

If it comes back again, which it probably will, just repeat that — Liar! And let it go.

No need to argue with yourself or provide any proof or evidence.

Give it a try.
Remember, it takes time…just keep at it and remain consistent.