In every situation, regardless of what the situation is, there is both negative and positive. You probably have at least 1 important thing you know you should do today and have dragged your feet on it until now. There could be any number of reasons why you haven’t taken action yet, and most of them have to do with your own mindset – your negative thoughts and emotions – your internal judge and saboteurs.

     –> Maybe your saboteurs have made you very busy with less important things, and you haven’t had the time.

     –> Maybe your saboteurs have actively made you avoid having to deal with this action, making it feel unpleasant.

     –> Maybe your saboteurs have you procrastinate daily or get distracted often.

     –> Maybe your saboteurs cause fear or anxiety in you about taking this action.

     The reasons don’t matter as much today. What’s important is that you know you can improve your performance, and effectiveness, if you take this action. Today is the time to take action!

     How do you reframe that thing that you’re avoiding to turn it into a game that has pleasure and fun with it? The way to do this is to pre-empt your saboteurs and activate your sage who creates a sense of ease and flow. Quiet the saboteurs that create the sense of difficulty, and activate your sage. Then move into clear-headed, laser focused action!

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