As a Professional Certified Coach, I help others listen to their emotions so they can make sense of how they feel and where possible, support them to focus on positive thinking.

The way we think can dramatically affect the way we live our lives. And research into different mindsets has shown the way we think about ourselves and the world around us can have an impact on the success we have through life. This can start with how we learn, and has also been shown to impact our resilience, how we manage stress, and even the way our immune system functions.

We already know that positive thinking and building a mindset of abundance can be a beneficial approach for most people, but how do we know if positive thinking comes naturally or not?

To help you identify if you have an abundance mindset (or scarcity mindset) I ask you this one simple question:

If you see somebody being successful or winning, does that automatically mean that you lose, or would you ever consider that everybody (in some way) could be a winner?

Let’s discuss how you can build awareness on where you think you are on the spectrum between the two different points of having either an abundance or scarcity mindset.