Along with leveraging coaching best practices, a Mindset Coach may also use specific techniques meant to more effectively shift a client’s mindset around a particular issue. For example, oftentimes a mindset coach will draw awareness towards cultivating a growth mindset rather than a fixed one. This opens a client’s mind up to possibilities instead of seeing limited resources and abilities. This type of coach may also help a client explore what is within their control with the idea that we can change what is in our control, even when that is solely how we see a situation. A Mindset Coach helps you to get clarity on your purpose and values, and how to go about living your life base upon those.

You see, happiness and success come from living in alignment with your deepest desires and dreams, not from what others tell you that you should do. Its hard to get clarity on who you are and what you value when you are constantly surrounded by distractions and demands that are contradictory to what you really want.