I was speaking with a friend recently and when I asked her how she was, her response was a simple “Good”. But her voice really didn’t sound “good”. So I shared my observation, “Well, you say you’re good, but that doesn’t really sound convincing.”

She went on to explain her experiences during the week and then ended with, “But, I have so many blessings around me.”
Like she was apologizing for feeling tired, exhausted, and spent.

How many times have you felt conflicted because you’re experiencing challenges, or having relationship issues, or made the wrong choice or decision, or are taking on too much and spreading yourself too thin, or doing for everyone else and neglecting yourself, or are simply bone tired, overwhelmed, and burned out
— AND —
you also recognize that you have blessings all around you?

Please consider that it’s ok to feel what you are feeling. It’s ok to have both feelings…to be overwhelmed, angry, exhausted, and to also recognize that there are blessings around you.
One does not negate the other. You can, and will, experience both.

Give yourself compassion and empathy. Give yourself love. Allowing yourself the ability to feel heard, validated, and respected by YOURSELF is not only well deserved, it’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.